Exhibitions at Melt Gallery

15th April through to the end of May 2023

Heart of the Highlands

Annie Stenhouse

Annie has been making jewellery for the past 50 years. Over that time Annie has refined her non-traditional approach to making through many different media. Annie studied in both the US and Scotland. Shortly after opening MELT GALLERY in 2014, Annie initiated the Pitlochry Art Walk Festival that extended across 21 different venues and brought together more than 60 local artists. Annie's extraordinary creativity, drive and enthusiasm is the vein that has run through her whole life. She is a creative force with an incredibly generous and infectious energy. Annie is the force that makes MELT GALLERY the exciting, unpredictable creative hub that it is.

Emily Crookshank

Emily is now working from her newly relocated printmaking studio in the Melt Gallery Workshop. Emily studied Painting and Printmaking at The Glasgow School of Art where she fell in love with etching and the raw, gritty materials used in the process.

Emily uses metal and acid to make beautiful compositions, translated into ink and transferred onto paper through an age-old, cast iron etching press; the design of which has remained largely unchanged in the 600 years since the first model was created. Emily has mastered these processes by tapping into the history of printmaking. With that history comes a refinement of skill, passed down from one printmaker to the next. Driven by passion, Emily has refined her extensive skill and knowledge of the medium in this way; by watching, by listening and most essentially, by making. Studied at The Glasgow School of Art and exhibits widely across the UK.

Yuri Janssen

Yuri is a writer, photographer and filmmaker with an intense passion for wild places. He describes tales of these places with mesmeric detail. Yuri has an astounding ability to capture the very essence, not just through words, but also through his striking photography. Yuri spent two decades as a Safari guide, photographer and filmmaker in the African bush which makes it easy to understand how his encyclopedic knowledge of wildlife extends far beyond Scottish wildlife alone. His envious title of 'Head of Adventure' at the world renowned Gleneagles Hotel here in Scotland, gives an accurate indication as to the man behind the camera.